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South Florida International Auto Show

Mercoledì 26 Novembre 2008


Shopping for a new car? Come to the Annual South Florida International Auto Show, where you can see the latest models of cars, trucks and SUVs from more than 40 of the world’s top auto manufacturers.


With over a million square feet of exhibit space, the South Florida International Auto Show is one of the top five auto shows in the U.S. held every fall. The South Florida Auto Show is also the first important exhibition of the new car season.



Visitors to the South Florida International Auto Show will see nearly 1,000 vehicles representing all makes from Hummers and Land Rovers to Saturns and Mitsubishis. Classic car lovers are sure to enjoy a visit to Memory Lane, where they can admire 20 classic cars from yesteryear. Motorcycle enthusiasts will appreciate the Miami Beach car show’s motorcycle display, which showcases such bikes as Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha. One of the South Florida Auto Show’s most popular exhibits, Million Dollar Alley, features Rolls Royce, Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus and other high-end automobiles.


The organization behind the South Florida International Auto Show is the South Florida Auto-Truck Dealers Association. The group introduced the South Florida auto show to the world in 1971, a year when a gallon of gas cost a mere 36 cents. The 2008 South Florida Auto Show will be from 11/07/08 to 11/16/08.


Piloti italiani!

Giovedì 6 Novembre 2008

Riccardo Patrese, who raced in 256 Grands Prix between 1977 and 1993, was
invited by the Honda Racing F1 Team to drive a Honda RA107 at Jerez. The
Honda team extended the invitation to Patrese following his contribution to
the celebrations for Rubens Barrichello’s 257th Grand Prix earlier this
In order to familiarise himself with the Jerez circuit, Riccardo conducted
reconnaissance laps in a Honda Civic Type-R, with his wife as a passenger!


It’s classic Italian!  Look at the expression on Riccardo’s face..